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Regular maintenance is key,

Especially in sunny Southwest Florida where high moisture and humidity levels persist for about six months each year. These conditions create ideal breeding grounds for mold and mildew, affecting not only your home’s exterior but also its overall appearance. Just like your car or any other item exposed to such elements, your home requires regular upkeep. That’s why we offer residential pressure washing services tailored to Florida homeowners.

We’re dedicated to simplifying your life! Unfortunately, many paint jobs in Florida fall short of their intended lifespan due to irregular cleaning. In fact, most paint manufacturer warranties stipulate regular cleaning to maintain warranty status. Rest assured, our services will leave your home gleaming, showcasing its true brilliance after we’ve meticulously cleaned and revitalized it!

Get Professional & affortable Cleaning
Restoration and Sealing.

The Importance of Brick Paver Sealing Services

What we clean:

  • House Washing 
  • Gutters Soffits
  • Pool Cages
  • Driveways
  • Lanais
  • Decks
  • Pretty much anything else outside we can clean for you

What Makes Kingsway Paver Sealing The Right Choice?

Paver sealing is not as easy as every Home and Garden magazine or You Tube Instructional video would make you think. Almost 50% of our work is the restoration of old pavers that were sealed improperly either by the homeowner themselves or the “handyman”. This can be very costly to you as the homeowner and can easily be avoided if you hire professionals like us to do it right the first time.


We use state of the art equipment in order to ensure your pavers are cleaned properly. This includes high grade commercial truck mounted pressure washers that can employ hot water up to 210 degrees and rotating surface cleaners that are capable of cleaning much more thoroughly than a DIY power washer from home depot ever could.

We have the knowledge and experience to clean and seal your pavers properly the very first time saving you thousands in the future in unnecessary restoration costs.

The sealers we use are specially formulated to work properly even in the harsh sub-tropical environment of Southwest Florida. This is not true of many DIY sealers sold in big box stores and even the Xylene based and Solvent based sealers of the past. These have proven to always fail eventually because of the heavy moisture content of this environment. Even in the rare cases that they don’t fail on the initial application in years to come and multiple re seals they will always fail causing yellow and white hazing in your expensive pavers.

Between our 1 year warranty on all sealing that we do on Brick and Travertine to our extended warranties on concrete flat surfaces and roof tiles, you can rest assured that we will make sure you’re satisfied!

Maintenance contracts:

Your home stands as one of life’s most valuable assets, deserving proactive care like everything else. Neglecting its upkeep can lead to escalated issues, requiring more time, money, and energy to rectify. Whether it’s your car, boat, or in this case, your home, neglecting maintenance only prolongs the restoration process and exacerbates the expenses.

We offer tailored maintenance contracts designed to provide exceptional value at a reasonable price, ensuring convenience and peace of mind. Our hassle-free scheduling ensures timely service, with ample advance notice provided for your convenience. You don’t even need to be present during our visits; our technicians will handle everything, including moving outdoor furniture as needed. With flexible billing options, we accommodate every budget seamlessly.

Maintenance contracts
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